Profile – Kathleen

Kathleen Henderson

I am a committed and experienced teacher and enjoy teaching English so much that I decided to open my own Language Centre!


My qualifications in teaching English include the Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults and the Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Trinity College London, but I didn’t start my career as an English teacher.

I was a primary teacher and a primary school head teacher for many years and then decided to change my career in 2002. I gained my qualifications and taught English to adults as a volunteer tutor and then as a lecturer in ESOL at Adam Smith College. I loved teaching English and wanted to provide opportunities for students to learn it in a more flexible way. After a lot of thought and hard work the Language Centre was opened 6  years ago. I’m happy to say that I still love my job and working with our wonderful students is the vey best part of it.

 My hobbies and interests include travelling, cooking, gardening, reading and socialising with family and friends.  I am also learning Italian so I know exactly how it feels to be a learner of a new language –   exciting and challenging!


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